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301. What color is your book?  你的书本是什么颜色的?
302. My book has a dark blue cover. 我的书本的封面是深蓝色的。
303. How much does that typewriter weigh? 那个打字机有多重?
304. It’s not too heavy,but I don’t know the exact weight.      它不是很重,但是我不知道它的精确重量。
305. This round table weighs about forty-five pounds.     这张圆桌子重45磅。
306. What size suitcase do you own?  你的小提箱是什么尺码的?
307. One of my suitcases is small,and the other one is medium size.     其中一个提箱是小号的,另一个是中号的。
308. I like the shape of that table.我喜欢那张桌子的形状。
309. How long is Jones Boulevard Street?       Jones Boulevard街有多长?
310. That street is only two miles long. 那条街只有两英里长。
311. Will you please measure this window to see how wide it is?      你能量量这个窗户,来确定它有多宽吗
312. This window is just as wide as that one.      这个窗户仅仅和那个一样宽。
313. The walls are three inches thick. 这些墙有三英尺厚。
314. This material feels soft.这种材料摸上去很软。
315. This pencil is longer than that one. 这个铅笔比另一个长。
316. Would you please tell Mr. John that I’m here?     你能告诉约翰先生我在这吗? 
317. Take these books home with you tonight.      今晚请把这些书带回家。
318. Please bring me those magazines.      请把那些杂志给我带来。
319. Would you help me lift this heavy box?      你能帮我将这个重盒子抬起来吗?
320. Please ask John to turn on the lights.      请告诉约翰把灯打开。
321. Put your books down on the table.      将你的书放在桌子上。
322. Get me a hammer from the kitchen,will you?       从厨房里给我拿个锤子,好吗?
323. Hang up my coat in the closet ,will you please?      能将我的大衣挂在壁橱里吗?
324. Please don’t bother me now.I’m very busy.      现在请别打搅我,我在忙。
325. Would you mind mailing this letter for me?      你介意帮我发这封邮件吗?
326. If you have time,will you call me tomorrow?      如果你有时间,明天给我打电话好吗?
327. Please pick up those cups and saucers.      请将那些茶杯和茶托整理好。
328. Will you do me a favor? 你能帮个忙吗? 329. Please count the chairs in that room.请数一下那个房间里的椅子的数目。
330. Please pour this milk into that glass.请将这些牛奶到进玻璃杯里。
331. Excuse me,sir.Can you give me some information?      先生,打搅一下,你能告诉我一些信息吗?
332. Can you tell me where Peach Street is?      你能告诉我Peach Street在哪吗?
333. It’s two blocks straight ahead.      向前一直走,过两个街区就到了。"
334. Which direction is it to the theatre?      去戏院应走哪个方向?
335. Turn right at the next corner。 在下个路口向右拐。
336. How far is it to the university? 到大学还有多远?
337. It’s a long way from here. 从这算起还有很长的一段路。
338. The school is just around the corner. 学校就在拐角处。
339. The restaurant is across the street from the hotel.     旅馆穿过街道。
340. You can’t miss it. 你不会错过的。
341. Do you happen to know Mr. Cooper’s telephone number?       你知道Cooper先生的电话号码吗?
342. Could you tell me where the nearest telephone is?      你能告诉我最近的电话在哪吗?
343. Should I go this way,or that way?      我应走这条路还是那条?
344. Go that way for two blocks,then turn left.      走那条路,穿过两个街区后向左拐。
345. I beg your pardon.Is this seat taken?      请问,这个座位有人坐了吗?
346. Are you married?  你结婚了吗?
347. No,I’m not married.I’m still single.      没有,我仍然单身。
348. Your niece is engaged,isn’t she?      你的侄女订婚了是吗?
349. My sister has been engaged for two months.     我妹妹订婚两个月了。
350. My grandfather got married in 1921.     我祖父1921年结地婚。
351. When is grandparents’ wedding anniversary?      什么时候是你祖父母的结婚纪念日?
352. How long have they been married? 他们结婚多久了?
353. They’ve been married for quite a few years.     他们结婚好些年了。
354. Who did George marry? 乔治和谁结婚了?
355. Do they have children? 你有孩子了吗?
356. They had a baby last month. 他们上个月有的孩子。
357. My son wants to get married in June.      我的儿子打算六月份结婚。
358. They don’t know when the wedding will be.     他们不知道什么时候举行婚礼。
359. Their grandchildren are grown up now.     他们的孙子长大了。
360. She’s a widow.Her husband died last year.     她是个寡妇,他丈夫死于去年。

361. Where did you grow up? 你在哪长大?
362. I grew up right here in this neighborhood.     我就在这临近长大。
363. My friend spent his childhood in California .      我的朋友童年在加利福尼亚度过。
364. He lived in California until he was seventeen.      他十七岁以前都在加利福尼亚居住。
365. There have been a lot of changes here in the last 20 years.     在过去的二十年间,这里发生了很多的变化。
366. There used to be a grocery store on the corner.      以前拐角处有一个杂货店。
367. All of those houses have been built in the last ten years.     所有的房子都是在最近十年里建成的。
368. They’re building a new house up the street .      这个街上正在建一个新房子。
369. If you buy that home, will you spend the rest of your life there?      如果你买了那间房,你会在那度过你的余生吗?
370. Are your neighbors very friendly? 你的邻居们友好吗?
371. We all know each other pretty well.      我们彼此之间有很深的了解。
372. A young married couple moved in next door to us.      一对新婚夫妇搬进了我们隔壁。
373. Who bought that new house down the street from you?      谁买了你们街上那头的新房?
374. An old man rented the big white house.     一个老人租了那个大的白房子。
375. What beautiful trees those are! 多漂亮的树呀!
376. What time are you going to get up tomorrow morning?      明天早上你打算几点起床?
377. I’ll probably wake up early and get up at 6:30.     我可能会起的比较早,大约在6:30起床。
378. What will you do then? 然后你做些什么呢?
379. After I get dressed,I’ll have breakfast.     穿上衣服后我将吃早饭。
380. What will you have for breakfast tomorrow morning?      明天的早餐你吃什么呢?
381. I’ll probably have eggs and toast for breakfast.     早餐我可能会吃土司面包和鸡蛋。
382. After breakfast,I’ll get ready to go to work.     吃完早餐后我会准备一下去上班。
383. I’ll leave the house at 8:00 and get to the office at 8:30.     我将会在8:00离开房间然后在8:30到达办公室。
384. I’ll probably go out for lunch at about 12:30.     我将会在12:30去吃午饭。
385. I’ll finish working at 5:30 and get home by 6 o’clock.      我将在5:30完成工作然后在6:00前到家。
386. Are you going to have dinner at home tomorrow night?      明天晚上你会在家吃晚餐吗?
387. Do you think you’ll go to the movies tomorrow night?      明天晚上你会去看电影吗?
388. I’ll probably stay home and watch television.     我可能呆在家看电视。
389. When I get sleepy,I’ll probably get ready for bed.      当我感到困的时候,我就准备上床睡觉。
390. Do you think you’ll be able to go to sleep right away?      你现在能去睡觉吗?
391. How is the weather today? 今天的天气怎样?
392. The weather is nice today. 今天天气很好。
393. What was the weather like yesterday?      昨天天气怎样?
394. Yesterday it rained all day.昨天下了一天的雨。
395. What will the weather be like tomorrow?      明天天气怎样?
396. It’s going to snow tomorrow.明天有雪。
397. It’s quite cold today.今天真冷。
398. It’s been cloudy all morning.整个早上都多云。
399. Is it raining now? 现在在下雨吗?
400. It’ll probably clear up this afternoon.     今天下午可能会晴天。

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